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Optimism is Key

“The funny thing about business is that it often doesn’t matter what you’re good at,” Steve Chandler, motivational speaker and supercoach says in the March/April 2011 issue of SELLING POWER, “You might tell yourself that you’re not good at cold calling, but if you put that story aside and make the call anyway, the odds are that you’ll achieve something. It’s irrelevant whether or not you’re good at something compared to what you can achieve if you just try.”

‘What makes optimists different from pessimists? It isn’t the way they feel as much as the way they think. Martin Seligman, PhD, director of the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychiatry Center and author of LEARNED OPTIMISM: HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND AND YOUR LIFE, has studied the difference between optimists and pessimists for 25 years and concluded that it comes down to one simple principle: When something goes wrong, an optimist thinks of this bad event as temporary and surmountable. Pessimists believe this same bad event is likely to be long lasting and will affect every part of their lives. (SELLING POWER, March/April 2011)

As you will see by the Case Studies that follow, my success as an Annual Pinnacle Achiever has been derived from a creativity that I apply to the lending process on each and every day.

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