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Partnership is Key

In commenting on the teamwork between James, Bosch, and Wade of the Miama Heat in FAST COMPANY (May, 2011), coach Erik Spoelstra commented, “…greatness, we say is consistency.  And we have not shown greatness because we have haven’t put together consistent basketball possession after possession, night after night.”

Seeking to be a strong teammate for my valued business partners, Rodd Wagner and Gale Muller, PH.D. researched, and revealed eight elements of a powerful partnership in THE POWER OF 2 that I focus on when working with you to support your clients:

1. COMPLEMENTARY STRENGTHS – Everyone has a weakness and blind spots that create obstacles to reaching a goal.  One of the most powerful reasons for teaming up is working with someone who is strong where you and weak, and vice versa.



4. TRUST – Working with someone means taking risks.  You are not likely to contribute your best work unless you trust that your partner will do her best.




8. UNSELFISHNESS – Many people enter partnerships for selfish reasons; they can accomplish more collaborating then they can working solo.  However, in the best working relationships, something happens along the way.  Some researchers call it ‘mutuality’ when the natural concern for your own welfare transforms into gratification in seeing your comrade succeed…

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