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I x V = R

blazintallmansmIt was very difficult not to be caught up in the underdog wave of Notre Dame in the National Championship game this year.  While I was as well, it also encouraged me to read the article on Nick Saban in FORTUNE magazine.  After reading the article, it was easy to see why the Tide rolled at the speed and force at which they did to hoist the National Championship trophy.

A lesson for all of us is one of Saban’s lessons for “reinforcing positive habits through mental conditioning. ‘I x V = R’…Imagination times vividness equals reality.”

“As Saban wrote in his 2005 book, HOW GOOD DO YOU WANT TO BE, the takeaway from his upbringing was powerful: You should always ‘evaluate success.  Even when you win, you should study what you could have done better and plan how to improve next time.”

Siting a game in November 1998 as a ‘key moment in his evolution’, “the game made me realize is how much better it is for people not to worry about the opposition but to focus on executing and know if they do their job correctly they’re going to be successful, rather than thinking the other guy’s going to determine the outcome.”

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