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The Masters

blazintallmansm“Strong partnerships prevail despite a persistent cultural bias for focusing on individual achievements.  Many observers of a two-person team want to know which of them is the real reason for their success, failing to understand that neither is the complete equation” – Rodd Wagner and Gail Wagner, PH.D, POWER OF 2.

It is unfortunate that on a day that we should have been celebrating Adam Scott’s success at the Masters, we instead were celebrating the families of the survivors of the Boston Marathon.  Like we had at the Daytona 500, sports, specifically the 2013 Masters exemplified key leadership values that can lead us all to ‘victory’; belief, power of two, and technology.

Veteran entertainer and morning radio show host, Steve Harvey recently highlighted that the path to ‘belief’ starts with ‘hope’.  Once you hope for success, you can develop ‘faith’ that helps you build a path.  Once you have faith, belief will become a guide.  From believing every day, success will naturally follow.  Facing the most challenging weather conditions in years. it was obvious to viewers by Scott’s posture that he had the belief he could defeat his champion competitors.

Secondly, Scott took advantage of the Power of 2.  Highlighted by the television announcers, Scott tapped Tiger Woods ex-caddy, who escorted him to three Masters as his caddy. “He was my eyes. He’s seen a lot of putts at this golf course; somewhere he might have seen that one. I knew it was a fast putt, so I said: ‘I’m going to hit it to go in the front edge. And he said: ‘Aim at least two cups over.’ It was an unbelievable read.”

Lastly, while PGA purists may debate or discredit Scott’s performance, the key to victory may very well have been Scott’s use of the prototype Cameron mallet.  Although Tiger had protested its use on November 6, 2012, Scott smartly adapted to the technological innovations, and excelled.

Check out the winning playoff putt at Business Insider.

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