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Case Study – CRE Refinance and Cash Out on CRE

helocOPPORTUNITY: Having sold corporation to a public company, request to refinance existing $305,000 RLOC secured by owner occupied commercial real estate that houses operating company. Borrower requesting to consolidate existing $700,000 Unsecured RLOC into one facility.

PROFESSION: Entertainment  NET WORTH: $12MM

SOLUTION: Accommodate change of property from owner occupied to investor owned real estate.  Provide 4/4 CRE Loan with Interest Rate Swap.

Value: $3,100,000

Loan: $1,000,000

DSCR: .99 LTV: 32% DEBT YIELD: 9%


If you have a similar case, or question, please e-mail me on ceisaac@ymail.com

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