About Lendologist®

“I am not seeking perfection. It’s unattainable. What I am striving for is ‘professional excellence’.”, Harry Beckwith, Drawing Your Blueprints, WHAT CLIENTS LOVE.

Professional excellence is my goal for every interaction with partners, prospects and clients.

Mr. Beckwith goes on to note that ‘Clients love quality…The heart of a product’s quality is it’s structural ‘integrity’. He reminds me of an important promise To make, ‘that quality is not absolute, but relative; it is performance relative to promise.’

Never professing be something that I am not, or profess to have capabilities I do not, I follow Mark Twain’s suggestion, “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

As I approach 15 years or providing financial advice to clients, I continue to focus on the skills that allow me to individualize the banking experience and keep the the promise of the institutions I represent.

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