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Lendologist Mission

Focused on tailoring lending solutions as well as becoming a ‘Leader’ in my company, I look forward to sharing the lessons I am learning about leadership as well as case studies that I am working on in order to help you and your clients as your Lendologist.

Magic Johnson wrote in 32 WAYS TO BE A CHAMPION IN BUSINESS, ‘Most natural-born entrepreneurs have a sixth sense for spotting opportunities where other people see only problems-or nothing at all’.  Encouraged to be entrepreneur as I brand The Private Client Group in Southern California, I look forward to differentiating myself as a Lenodologist by finding innovative lending solutions for complex problems.

Having always enjoyed marketing and colorful language, I will take Harry Beckwith’s suggestion in his chapter Dion and the Rule of Three in WHAT CLIENTS LOVE that all of us have been trained to focus on 3, three, or a triad.

In the end, my goal is to become your trusted strategist.